August 7, 2013

Grow-Patience and Kindness

I did not preach the messages on Patience and Kindness, but compiled some notes to help the two guys who were preaching in my stead. Here is what I sent them.

Patience: This is not necessarily about waiting in traffic or patience in a line of customers (and certainly not about patience in regards to waiting for something to load on our phone or whatever)...only if it will affect how we treat people. It is a call to long suffering...or having a long temper. It is translated as forbearance because it is about patience within relationship; bearing with others.

Because the root concept is love, our call to patience is in regards to people and how we deal with them. Giving people the benefit of the doubt. Patience with people in process. Patience with people who are suffering and in pain. Patience with those who struggle, those who sin and falter, those who can’t seem to get it right. Patience is the quality of being long-suffering toward those whose conduct may in fact be calculated to provoke anger.

It can also include patience with ourselves in the growing process. We are often hardest on ourselves and that affects how we treat and interact with others. So when we require patience with ourselves it is so we can be patient with others.

Kindness:  This word is found only in Paul’s writing. It denotes God’s gracious attitude and action toward sinners which results in His patience toward us...aimed at his desire to bring salvation (which is the manifestation of his kindness). Our actions of kindness are aimed at putting feet to our love for them, and leading them to salvation.

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