July 17, 2012

A Church in a Casino?

Recently Granger Community Church rented space in a casino to hold services...I like the idea. I especially like it because of the underlying principles:

From Tim Steven's blog:

So, what kind of church would meet in a casino?

  • A church that is more interested in reaching the not-yet-convinced than the religious.
  • A church that wants area churches to know, “We aren’t after your attendees!”
  • A church that truly believes culture can be redeemed.
  • A church that believes people really matter to God, and sees an opportunity to impact the Casino staff members and customers.
  • A church that believes the telling of Jesus hanging with drunks, prostitutes and thieves wasn’t just a nice story.
  • A church that has stated, “We will exist for the unique transformation and elevation of the neighborhood, city, village or region where we are located.”
Those are principles I can get behind no matter what the methodology!

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