July 11, 2011

Willful Arrogance Pastor Edition

If this is plagiarism...I apologize now. This is an adaptation of Seth Godin's article The Arrogance of Willful Ignorance. It is meant as flattery because he said it best for his audience, and now I want to pay homage by passing it on for mine...
People have come before us, failed, learned, written it down. Theologians have figured out what works, and proven it. Those in pastoral ministry have gained significant understanding about the long-term impacts of short-term decisions. And Christian Historians have seen it all before.

How dare we, then, decide to just wing it? To skip class. To make up history. To imagine that scholars and commentators just share a matter of opinion, something optional, a diversion for the leisure classes... How can we work in the theological and pastoral field, for example, without knowing about John Wesley and John Calvin and Augustine? Or Willard and Wright and Lewis, Foster, or Nouwen?

If you're doing important pastoral work (and I'm hoping you are), then you owe it to your congregation or your listeners or your co-workers to learn everything you can. Feel free to ignore what you learn, but at least learn it.
 When people say it better than could...pay them homage and adapt it! Thanks Seth!

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