July 4, 2011

Parable of the Talents

Matthew 25:14-30 is a very popular parable in the church; it is the Parable of the Talents. Jesus tells a story about a master who goes away and puts three of his trusted servants in charge of his household. He gives them each a certain amount of money dependent upon their abilities.

To the first man he gives 5 talents. The man goes out invests them well, and gains 5 more. The second man is given two talents. He too invests the money and doubles what the master had given him. When the master returned, both of these men were rewarded. The master says, "Well done! I put you in charge of a little amount and you have doubled it. I will put you in charge of much more."

The third man feared what the master would do should he lose the one talent. He went into a field and buried it; keeping it safe. When the master returned he chastised this servant for not even trying. This servant was just making sure the master received back what he had been given.

I have always understood this to mean that God has given me talents, abilities, opportunities, etc. and if I'm faithful and use what he has given me, he will give me more. This is only partially correct.

I have always understood this in a here and now sort of way. If I'm faithful in the small stuff...He will give me more. But thinking about this again tonight, I realize that the "more" doesn't necessarily come in this life or the here-and-now.

God's promises are for the future reigning Kingdom.

If we are faithful with what He gives us...if we extend what little we have in this life...we will be given more responsibilities in the coming Kingdom of God. We are developing the character and conscience we will need for our future responsibilities.

I am not meant to compete with those who have more resources than I have...I am called to be faithful with what I have been given and risk it to extend. If we don't handle well what we have in this life, how can we handle what He wants to give us in the age to come?

Begin building the character you want God to use in the future. Handle well what you are given here so God will trust you with responsibilities in His Kingdom.

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