March 23, 2011

Thoughts on Worship

This is a guest post by one of our launch team members Shane Knick. Enjoy!

This was an amazing weekend and one to go down in the book of the annals of Crossroads Vineyard
Church. It was our second regular weekly service with a great message on the topic of worship. Saturday night before service, several members were led by an instigator to be left unnamed (but we all know who you are Cyndi), to commit cyber-terrorism on Eric’s Facebook page. It was primarily meant to pick on yours truly and my tendency to “Like” posts and comments on Facebook occasionally. At any rate, there was significant bonding going on in the virtual world of Crossroads Vineyard.

The service started out with a video What If Worship Was Like an NBA Game, a humorous video
comparing the typical Sunday morning at church to a stereotypical sports broadcast.

In this video, they poke fun at “Maggie Jenson, the veteran over-singer”. She was belting out the song with great vigor when clearly things were falling apart and people were leaving. However, she is the only one in the congregation who appeared to be worshiping “with all of her might”. Playing at a worship event the following night, things were not going so well. Our bass player didn’t show up; our leader’s guitar stopped working in the middle of a song, and the sound board was acting strange. Despite all this, we kept playing right through because we were playing for God, not the people in the room. I can’t read Maggie’s heart, but she certainly appeared to be worshipping despite what was going on around her.

Notable quote from the message, “Real worship does not happen until we give up control.” The first time I raised my arms to the Lord in worship was a scary moment for me. For quite a while, I felt moved to do so, but what would people think with me raising my hand around all these other people raising their hands? When I finally did, there was a release of something from my soul. The enemy lost a stronghold on my heart that day. I don’t think we should raise their hands or perform other worship gestures just because others are doing so, but we should fight the inhibitions preventing us to do so as we feel led.

Worship comes in many different forms. I think there are several critical components; that we are led by the Sprit of God, we are directing it completely towards God, and that we do it with all of our might. A good sign that we are not following these guidelines is if we are considering what other people might think. David stripped down completely nude to dance before the Lord. I am praying that God never puts it on Eric’s heart to do that. David’s wife naturally assumed that he was stripping for the slave girls, when he was truly worshipping God without inhibition.

Finally there was the epic Prayer and Worship Sunday afternoon. We had our typical good time together with prayer, planning and good food. We then fired up the Wii, playing dancing and singing along to old memories. Many were left laughing so hard that it hurt (in a good way), and the fellowship fired up on Facebook again that evening. I think it is important going forward that we continue to have this much fun with each other. I certainly felt God’s presence with us that evening as any parent enjoys watching his children laugh and play in a healthy way. We need to make sure going forward that others are included as well. There are many people in Huber Heights and surrounding areas that need to laugh until it hurts as we did.

Shane has been permanently replace one of his hands with a Facebook and Twitter app...look him up at shknick

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