January 28, 2010

Bart Ehrman, Jesus Interrupted, and God's Problem

Awhile back I posted my review of Bart Ehrman's book Jesus, Interrupted. I also posted a very funny video of Ehrman and Colbert. Jesus, Interrupted is coming out in paperback if you would like to read it, but I will be reviewing his book called God's Problem dealing with the problem of evil.

Need a review of Jesus, Interrupted:

I disagree with much of Ehrman's stuff, but it is always good to interact with ideas with which you do not agree. How else do you rethink, refine, and understand what you truly believe.

What do you think?

January 22, 2010

The Future

I certainly hope this is not the future of books.

I try not to be too nostalgic about a paper and ink book...but there is something about a book that a computer screen or Kindle cannot replace. I know my wife would enjoy having the extra space in the house if my books were all electronic, but I cannot imagine life without a tangible book in my hand.

I certainly enjoy having books electronically...for searching and writing papers. But nothing can replace the feel of a book in hand for a relaxing evening.

Ok...I am nostalgic.

January 14, 2010

Free Online Bible Study Tools I Use

If you are like me, then your New Year Resolutions usually have something to do with the Bible. My goal this year to read at least one chapter every single day of the year. I plan to read more than one chapter, but wanted to focus on consistency and not letting myself off the hook by saying, "It is only one night, I can make up for it tomorrow."

Besides the obvious, here are a few of my favorite, free online tools:

1. The Voice: This website is filled with great articles on Biblical, historical, and theological articles.

2. NIV Study Bible Book Introductions: These are insightful, quick guides to help you get a basic understanding of the each book of the Bible. They are online versions of the information found in the NIV Study Bible.

3. Online Bible with Greek and Hebrew Tools: This is one of the best interlinear Bibles i have ever used...put it online and make it free and you have something that is unbeatable. It parses the verbs, links to all the other uses of the Greek and Hebrew word throughout the Bible, and highlights the word in the English translation. This is a great tool.

4. Baker Evangelical Dictionary: This resource will give you access to thousands of articles to help you define theological terms and ideas.

5. Theopedia: Like Wikipedia only for theological and biblical ideas.

6. Bible Reading Plans: Any plan you could possibly want to follow...almost.

Got any favorite online, free Bible study tools you would like to use?