July 6, 2010

Our Vision and Beliefs

I have started working on the Vision statement (5-10 years) and on our statement of beliefs page for Crossroads Vineyard Church. Check them out and let me know what you think. Are they understandable? Does it seem inspiring? Too big? Too small?

Also, soon I will be announcing the location for our first monthly service on September 12! Be sure to check out the rest of our the new Huber Heights Church website at www.daytoncrossroads.com.


  1. I've printed both of these out and will look over them carefully.

    Funny, did this a year ago with a different Crossroads church and gave my thoughts and corrections (of typos) to the pastor. A couple weeks later he published the final version - without one change I recommended. (One of them typos was basically blashphemy - an "I" that should have been "He.")

    When I asked the pastor about this he said no one reads these things and it didn't matter anyway. I think that was the first time my spirit started screaming that things weren't right there.

    Oh the irony that I'm doing this again a year later. I have a feeling that you'd at the very least have a dialoge about any questions or concerns I might have.

    I don't think you realize a church is unsafe unless you know what safe (and healthy) looks like. This Crossroads feels so much safer than the one we experienced last year.

    (I think I'm okay to post all this. I'm assuming none of the members know you or read your blog...)

  2. Thanks Cyndi...I know it has been an interesting journey for you guys.

    I am certainly open to discussion! :)