June 4, 2010

Friday Church Plant Prayer Post for June 4

I am looking forward to our first event as a church plant! This Sunday, June 6 will be a time of prayer and worship as we look forward to what God is doing in Huber Heights. This is open for everyone who has a concern for this church plant and the Huber Heights area. If you would like to be part of this event, please RSVP by emailing me here or by connecting on my Facebook Event page.

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Prayer Requests for May 28, 2010:
  1. June 6 Prayer and Worship. Please be praying that we can make some connection with people who have a desire to see a new church Huber Heights. We are looking forward to building relationships, worshiping, and praying.
  2. Outreaches. Over the next few months we are going to be reaching out to the people of Huber Heights with acts of kindness. We need God to use us to reach out to people, draw them in, and give us opportunities to reach out with God's love. Pray that God will supply the money and people necessary to run effective outreaches. Please be praying for people to serve and the money to do the outreach events.
  3. Our first monthly service in September. Please be praying that we find a facility that is economical, centrally located, good parking, and enough room to handle our meeting. Ideally we need space for welcoming our guests, a worship area, and a couple of rooms for children. Please also be praying for people to attend. I am praying that God would give us an attendance of 30 people for our first monthly service. Please also pray that God supplies the money for the rental and the equipment we need.
Please be praying as we move forward. Interested in more information? Email me here

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