May 3, 2010

How You Can Help Plant a Church in Huber Heights

Starting a new church is an intense experience. You are starting something from scratch! There is a lot of prayer, hard work, planning, money, and time expended to get it off the ground.

And it can’t be done alone.

As I am praying and planning for the new church in Huber Heights, I realize that I need your help...

Prayer...This is an intensely spiritual experience. Spiritual warfare increases, money and people move to the forefront of your prayers, and faith is absolutely essential. This may sound like the “correct” spiritual thing to say, but I believe it is true. We need your prayers for God’s provision, His protection, and for His presence. We need people to become prayer warriors on our behalf.

Tell your friends in the area...Word of mouth is the biggest way people hear about things. It isn’t signage, marketing, web is one person telling another person. Creating buzz is important.

Volunteer to serve on an outreach event...Over the next few months we will be holding various outreach events in the Huber Heights area. We will need people to come alongside to help us man these outreaches. When no one is attending your church, there is no one to ask to help. We need volunteers.

Volunteer as a missionary...Maybe you feel a call to help with a church plant, but don’t want to stay forever. Many people make the decision to give, volunteer, and attend a new church for 1, 2, or 3 years of “missionary” service to help the church plant get off the ground. It is important to talk with the Church Planter so that he is aware of your intentions and then be willing to stick with your commitment.

Give financially...While we are not currently accepting contributions (that day will come I assure you!), we will need money to help us get off the ground. Everything your church owns cost them money at one time, and a church plant has nothing! Chairs, tables, paper, equipment, etc all cost money.

Make it your church...Maybe you feel God’s call to get involved with the church plant as your home church. You may live in the Huber Heights area, have roots in the area, or just feel a call to serve and reach the people in Huber Heights.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact me here.

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