May 21, 2010

Friday Church Plant Prayer Post

Prayer is an important part of planting a church. Church planting is first and foremost a spiritual activity. We need the power of the Holy Spirit moving through our communities, preparing the way for God's message.

We are planning a time of prayer and worship for Sunday, June 6. This will be for those who have a concern for this church plant. It in no way obligates you to be part of the plant, it just demonstrates that you have a concern to see God's Kingdom advanced in Huber Heights. If you would like to be part of this event, please RSVP by emailing me here.

I also realize that I can't do it myself. I can't be the only one praying for this church, and those who want to pray for the church need to know some things to be praying for. So each Friday, I am going to post our top prayer requests for the upcoming week. I will try to keep the list concise and precise so that you can focus your prayers on the primary things. Though, I may not always know the things that need to be prayed for, so listen to the Holy Spirit as He directs and leads you to pray for us.

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Prayer Requests for May 21, 2010:

  1. Connections in the Community. We need to have some God ordained connections made with people who live in the area or want to be part of the new church plant. We are working toward our first monthly service in September and we would like to see 30 people in attendance.
  2. Outreaches. Over the next few months we are going to be reaching out to the people of Huber Heights with acts of kindness. We need God to use us to reach out to people, draw them in, and give us opportunities to reach out with God's love. Pray that God will supply the money and people necessary to run an effective outreach event.
  3. The development of a core/launch team. As we move forward we need people willing to sacrificially give of their time to establish this church. We need people to help with the outreaches, people to pray, and people to help with our monthly services.
Please be praying as we move forward. Interested in more information? Email me here

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