November 11, 2009

10 Things

Take a few moments to answer the following:

  • Name 10 famous people living or dead.
  • Name 10 stores.
  • Name 10 bands.
  • Name 10 beers.
  • Name the 10 commandments.

A friend of mine was talking about a recent trip to pray at an abortion clinic. It was part of a peaceful demonstration. As he attempted to pray, many in the group stood around and socialized. After some time at the clinic, he accompanied them to lunch. As a pastor, he was interested in their behavior. They were all professing "strong" Christians, and he wanted to find out where they were spiritually.

He asked a few spiritual questions in a non-confrontive manner...How is you spiritual life? How much time do you spend praying personally? What is your personal time with God like?

What he found was that most of them didn't.

They didn't pray. They didn't spend time with God. They hadn't spent any serious time digging into the Bible. They were busy doing all this stuff for God, but didn't really know God. I tell this story not to rat them out, but  because it is an easy trap for me to fall into. I get busy doing all the stuff, and forget that in the end it all about being with Jesus.

It is more than that. The 10 Things quiz at the beginning points out how easy it is for me to know all kinds of information about stuff that doesn't really matter. If I am truly making Jesus the Lord of my life and putting His Kingdom first, then I should act like it. I know a lot about the things I am passionate about. The things about which we are passionate..we can't seem to get enough of.

How much more should I know about God and His Word?

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