October 18, 2009

The Problem with Cable News

Seth Godin posted this list of 12 things that make cable news so bad:

  1. Focus on the urgent instead of the important.
  2. Vivid emotions and the visuals that go with them as a selector for what's important.
  3. Emphasis on noise over thoughtful analysis.
  4. Unwillingness to reverse course and change one's mind.
  5. Xenophobic and jingoistic reactions (fear of outsiders).
  6. Defense of the status quo encouraged by an audience self-selected to be uniform.
  7. Things become important merely because others have decided they are important.
  8. Top down messaging encourages an echo chamber (agree with this edict or change the channel).
  9. Ill-informed about history and this particular issue.
  10. Confusing opinion with the truth.
  11. Revising facts to fit a point of view.
  12. Unwillingness to review past mistakes in light of history and use those to do better next time.
I agree. Anytime you have to fill time slot for the sake of filling time slots you end up with some really bad stuff. This is why I watch John Stewart...at least he realizes he is being laughed at.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. The 3rd comment is what irritates me every time I watch Cable news... the noise! Arrg!