June 3, 2009

N.T. Wright on Justification

I am definitely looking forward to reading this...


  1. I have this on order from Amazon.com and also look forward to reading it. Then again, I enjoy his work and listening to him as you know.

  2. You might try Surprised by Hope first or his work on Paul...just to give some context to this work on Justification. Although I am sure he will do a more than adequate job of introduction in the work anyway.

  3. I've been reading Surprised by Hope (it just didn't make it onto my reading list for some reason) I'm at Part II, Cosmic Future Progress or Despair (pg 79) so I have a ways to go but I'll be done by the time Justification arrives. You know me - I usually read about 4-5 different books all at the same time for some strange reason - rarely read one straight through - have to pick up several depending on my mood. I am looking forward to Justification, though! Peace, Linda