May 2, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Today I thought I would post a few of the blogs that I have been reading and enjoying (in addition to my friends blogs Andy, Linda, Steve, and Elom)...

Fail Blog: I could spend hours looking at this site (and have!). Very funny pictures, videos, etc of people just getting things wrong!

The Art of Manliness: A great blog about recovering what it means to be a man. The emphasis is very good...honor, integrity, loyalty, and being a good husband and father. The articles are very informative and interesting.

Gear Tech: Who doesn't like cool tools and electronic gadgets?

Moleskinerie: I love the notebooks, and this blog has tons of ideas and articles about how to use them.

Seth Godin: Marketing genius and thousands of great ideas!

So what are some of the blogs that you are reading?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Eric - My two favorite blogs for belly laughs are: The blog of "unnecessary" quotation marks @ and a funny little place called lowercase L @

    These two sites always get a chuckle out of me and I can use all the chuckles I can get lately.