April 17, 2009

Believer Converts to Atheism and Comes Back Again

In the past I have struggled to hold on to my faith. There was a very dark period of my life where I cried out to God for answers and silence was all that answered. While I know now that God was working behind the scenes...I didn't then. But in the midst of that struggle I came to the conclusion that I had tried everything else and found it wanting...there was no where left to go.

A.N. Wilson, biographer of CS Lewis, left Christianity and became a "born again" atheist. His return has been slow but, I think, has given him a stronger, more real faith. Check out the article here.
By nature a doubting Thomas, I should have distrusted the symptoms when I underwent a 'conversion experience' 20 years ago. Something was happening which was out of character – the inner glow of complete certainty, the heady sense of being at one with the great tide of fellow non-believers. For my conversion experience was to atheism...My departure from the Faith was like a conversion on the road to Damascus. My return was slow, hesitant, doubting. So it will always be; but I know I shall never make the same mistake again."
What do you think? Have you ever struggled to maintain your faith? What kept you (or brought you back)? How do you think God handles people who are genuinely asking and seeking for Truth and leave the "christian" fold for awhile?

Thanks to Bob Hyatt for the original lead on AN Wilson's story.

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