November 6, 2008

A New Era

I have taken a few days to consider what I should write in regards to this past Tuesday's election of Barack Obama as the new President of the United States.

Political views tend to divide rather than unite people. Each person is passionate about their political stance, and believes they have good reasons for the stance they take. This election was no different. It was a hard fought political season, and, to be honest, I am glad it is over. Writing about political stuff is like running through a lion cage with ground beef stuffed in your hip pockets. In the words of the great philosopher Norm Peterson from Cheers, "It's a dog eat dog world, and I'm wearing Milk Bones underwear!"

I have political views and positions, but I keep them to myself. I just don't get that worked up over them. I voted and did so based on my convictions. At the end of all elections, however, no matter who wins we must put aside our animosity and move forward as a nation. Wherever we are politically, I think John McCain's concession speech reminds us of our responsibility to support our President and move forward as a nation and try to fix the wrongs.

If we put individual political views aside, we have to admit we have just seen one of the most significant moments in history...the election of the first African-American President.

I don't know what kind of President he will be. He made some promises that I hope he keeps, and he made some that I hope he does not. I do know that the media and comedians will eventually turn on him like they do every other President. I also don't believe he will "fix" government on earth can do that.

But this is the moment that millions of people have fought long and hard to see...even died to accomplish. I am not naive enough to believe this represents the end of racism, it may create more, but I am glad that I have lived to see this moment.

I am also glad my daughter gets a chance to see this moment early in her life. She gets to see a person weighed by their character and positions rather than their race. She gets to see an example that anyone can break the barriers and become what no one else before them has been able to accomplish. This might just inspire her to do something that no one before her has ever accomplished.

I pray that for her. I want her to know that anything is possible...even the impossible.

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  1. Great post, Eric! I also avoid talking about politics, for different reasons, but mostly because the debate was intense enough as it was. I am just really glad it's over...