November 18, 2008

Everything's Amazing, But Nobody's Happy

I found the quote (used as the title) to be so revealing. For everything we have gain in technology...we have lost something too. On the blog where I found this video clip they made reference to churches that are amazing and people are happy...but that connection misses the point of this video and what is being said.

While I don't want to ride around on donkeys and do away with cell phones...there is a need to recognize the amazingness of the world we live in and how all the things we take for granted really are luxuries. On the Dayton Daily News site there was a comment on one of the articles about the wind storm we had in Dayton. The commenter said, "Doesn't DP&L realize that electricity is a necessity in this day and age and not a luxury!"

The video explains this much better:

I found this link via Monday Morning Insights.

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