August 13, 2008

At Least They Know How to Cook Their Crow

If you are watching the Olympics you are watching history in the making. Michael Phelps looks unstoppable as he pushed to a fifth gold medal and a fifth world record.

I love watching athletic excellence in action. I loved watching Lance Armstrong as he dominated the Tour de France, and I think Phelps is to the pool what Lance was to the bike.

The Men's 4x100 relay has to be the greatest race in history. Michael Phelps took the American Record, and his teammate Lezak caught the World Record Holder to give the American team the gold medal. Earlier this week, the French said they were going to "smash the Americans." It was exciting to see the quietly confident American team put those words to rest.

One of Michael's teammates gave him the best compliment. When asked what it was like swimming on a team with Michael Phelps, the teammate responded. (I am paraphrasing) "I feel honored, but the best thing about Michael is that he recognizes this as a team thing and not just an individual thing."

It would be easy to focus on your own personal glory and forget that you are part of a team.


  1. Don't forget - if you are as athletic as Phelps, you, too can consume 10,000 calories a day. I wish...

  2. One reporter said that he "snacks" on pizza and large mounds of pasta between events!