June 9, 2008

Bill Hybels Responds to REVEAL Controversy

It is always hard to know whether to address such a situation or not.

Here are some of ChristianityToday and Out of Ur Blog articles on the subject:

Willow Creek Repents?: Why the most influential church in America now says "We made a mistake."

Willow Implements REVEAL Greg Hawkins tells about the big changes Willow Creek is making.

Willow Creek's 'Huge Shift' Influential megachurch moves away from seeker-sensitive services.

What do you think?


  1. Ha ha, I think Hybels and Willow maybe need to read Warren. Think: "It's not [all] about you." I found the CT report interesting if only because it raised the discussion again, and it's a discussion that needs to happen, many times.

    Here's my take on the Reveal study:

    What Willow Creek's 'Reveal' study really tells us...



  2. i think after all the nomenclature: and semantics are pushed aside: the criticisms/ are set aside:

    it is the testimony or experience of the Truth of God which stands : it still stand no matter what this looks like to anyone : even myself as a believer in Christ.

    listen to 6:05? to the end.
    and then throw darts at anyone. when saving grace happens to a man or a woman whther they are a leader or not: whether they are bold or not: all that person wants is for anyone they know or do not know to have the same they received: and they will use the gifts God has given thenm to communicate [no matter how outlabdish or shy or strane/ even abarrent looking sometimes : but give it a few years because i my self have called things false teaching and i was wrong] or i was halfwrong: and we are allowd to be wrong IT IS THE NEW COVENANT. the desire is to facilitate Christ's work in a man's soul. not to BE CHRIST in a man's heart. if i was a teacher and was naied for everything i did wrong in OLD COVENANT I WOULD PROB BE DEAD. even tho teachers are held more accountable and shepherds etc.// [so to continue} that saving grace along with the scriptures to who they come in contact [is like a burning ember in ones belly]. some people; only a few will they share this with : that is fine!]: some people many. some people " need parables and stories [the people whose hearts ears are deaf/ eyes blind/ sicktroubled just like any of us were] even when they are having the scriptures being told strait at them. or creation is proving the story of God in a mysterious way: because of what has been so wrongfully doent to the scriptures or thru the scriptures. this does not make the scriptures bad. or discardable, NO. it is also a way i believe God is bringing His church, th e many divisions together, for our own good. for we are His bride. i speak circularly i am sorry. God is balancing our approach. and unifying us. for later and now. my opinion. for we are all in this together. and should be supporting each other. in christ. grace. do we not all deserve/ [humbly] this sa,e grace that jesus gave freely that we weep about and say thankyou so much>???? and how do we describle this in context? to now? time has passed??? i read my bible since 75 and i was saved. but "my bible 'hated me' until i had other people re-parable-ize it" namely my father first: an ordained minister. and he is pretty conservative. i would have died: seriously out of self destruction, and i was not a seeker. i found it. i was seriously MISUNDERSTANDING WOT I HAD. so : food for thot whoever happens to read this.

    xo.eternal/ grace in christ. DO IT TO IT! sorry for spelling