May 5, 2008

Iron Man

Que Ozzy Osbourne's Iron Man!

I am not usually a comic book movie buff. I thought Spiderman was okay, Batman was okay. The Incredible Hulk was horrible (although the new one looks good). Batman Begins was good.

On Saturday, my wife and I went to see with some friends. Normally neither of us would go to see it except we are social creatures and like to hang out with other people. (My wife still tried to talk all the wives into shifting theaters to see Made of Honor).

I have to say that I loved this movie. I thought Robert Downey Jr. was phenomenal in the role of Tony Stark...more than just the similarities. There were a lot of dry, funny lines. The story held together well, and I think this is due to Robert Downey's acting. He made a convincing transition from self-absorbed playboy to flawed superhero.

The message of peace was not a wishy-washy, let's-all-get-along message. It recognized the destructive nature of power and too many weapons, acknowledged personal responsibility to make things better, but also held on to the fact that force is, sometimes, needed.

All in all this is the best movie I have seen in awhile.

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