May 9, 2008

Going to Church Makes Girls Work Harder

According to this article, women who attended church as a child work harder.

Here is a quote:
Researchers at the University of Georgia found that women who had attended religious services frequently (at least once a week) during childhood work about 80 additional hours per year when they are older.

Why do think this might be?

Maybe it gives a sense of calling and purpose. They are seeking what God would have them do, and then commit their lives to it. Anything you enjoy doing may be laborious, but it is not really work.

Maybe it gives a strong work ethic. People in the church are expected to work hard and make an impact. There is something about the "Protestant work ethic" that has been around for years. In order to be a "good Christian" you have to do a lot of stuff. I am not saying this is right, only an observation.

Maybe it is because we work for God not for a boss. Over the years, especially while planting the church, I learned that I do not work for a church board or a boss...I work first for God. My work must be pleasing to Him.

What do you think? Why might church girls work harder?

1 comment:

  1. In my experience it's been guilt. If you don't do all the additional stuff then you're not the Christian woman you're supposed to be.