April 16, 2008

Are They Brainwashed?

I just read this article on ABCNews.com. The thought that came to mind is How long before they come for the "normal" Christian's children.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I a support of polygamy (1 wife is PLENTY enough for me to handle!). But check out this quote from Joe Szimhart, "a cult information specialist for more than 25 years."

"Any common definition of brainwashing or of a totalistic cult is when someone is involved in a self-sealing belief system," said Szimhart. "They see themselves apart from the rest of the world, and elitist, and think that everything outside is evil."

With a little tweaking, this could easily define large sections of the Christian Church. We see ourselves apart from the world (in the world, but not of the world), often labeled elitist because we believe that Jesus is the only way to receive salvation, we view the world as evil, and we believe that God will establish His Kingdom on earth some day.

The article questions whether it is considered brainwashing to believe in something that a large majority of society does not agree with. In appropriate journalistic fashion, they refused to take a side, but offered alternate points of view...it is brainwashing...it isn't brainwashing.

So, what do you think? Is it brainwashing? Is it not?


  1. Hi Eric - I think the important thing here is to note that brainwashing is a term for indoctrinating someone into a belief they might not have accepted freely. Christianity certainly doesn't brainwash - the evidence is too simple to present; no one needs to be coerced into being a Christian. IMHO - Linda

  2. Thanks for stopping by Linda.

    I understand that. But they are using a pretty shoddy definition of brainwashing to justify the raid on the compound. (I am not discussing whether what the compound is doing is right or wrong.) Using their definition...it would be easy for them to make the same allegations against a Christian family, and then take their children.

    Just my thoughts. It isn't that far of a jump.

  3. ABC News makes a cheesy attempt at inciting an emotional reaction to the story plain and simple, hence the brainwashing comments by the "expert" - the reason to justify the raid is legal -- suspected child abuse -- not brainwashing. And I think it IS a far jump to say it would be easy to make the same allegations against a Christian family and then take their children. Any report of child abuse must be taken seriously, regardless of whose family it is, until the alleged abuse can be either substantiated or refuted. Typical media reporting; I would expect no less of ABC News. :)