March 7, 2008

Red Redux

Last night's concert was AWESOME! Red certainly has a great stage presence, and portray a different "feel" because of the positive nature of their lyrics. It is nice to know that there is deeper meaning to them.

While watching the concert, I couldn't help but look around at all the people singing the lyrics back to them, and, not to judge, sensing that many of them were not getting the Message behind the lyrics. And, they certainly were not living out of the Message; the message of redemption in Jesus Christ.

It's not most people's cup of musical tea (or, as I prefer, coffee), but if you want to see their video go here.

Here are the lyrics:

And this how it feels when I
Ignore the words you spoke to me
And this is where I lose myself
When I keep running away from you
And this who I am when I
Don't know myself anymore
And this what I choose when
It's all left up to me

Breathe your life into me
I can feel you
I'm falling, falling faster
Breathe your life into me
I still need you
I'm falling, falling
Breathe into me

And this how it looks when
I am standing on the edge
And this how I break apart
When I finally hit the ground
And this how it hurts when I
Pretend I don't feel any pain
And this how I disappear
When I throw myself away

Great song, and great concert!

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