November 19, 2007

We Are #19 and That 's Not Good!

A new study was just released naming the 25 most dangerous and the 25 safest cities...I have lived in two of the top 25 most dangerous cities.

Dayton, Ohio ranks #19

I grew up in the inner city parts of Dayton, and I know how bad it can be.


I also realize how powerful God is, and what He can do if only the churches would seek to expand His kingdom. There is such an opportunity to serve and love people here! If you are planting a church, there is no greater thing you can do than to serve your community in practical, loving ways. You need a quality service and church when they come to visit, but if your people and church isn't going out into the world to serve and love, then you are really no different than any other just have a fancier service.

This weekend I led a group of 50-60 to a Huber Heights, Ohio housing complex to give away Thanksgiving Dinners. We simply knocked on doors and offered them a FREE, no strings attached, Thanksgiving meal. Then we asked if there was any way we could pray for them. Very few people turned us down.

The group came back with some great stories and had great opportunities to pray with people. Other groups from the church went to three other areas in the city, and there were more than 400 dinners given away. Check out more on Steve's Blog.

Here is the promo video:

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