November 9, 2007

Evangelicals are an Easy Mistress

Recently I learned that Pat Robertson, father of all things evangolitical, lent his endorsement to Rudy Giuliani. Three years ago Robertson said, "I will never vote for anyone for president of the United States who supports abortion or gay marriage. " Giuliani is a Republican moderate who supports both.

Now, this post isn't meant to be a political statement or an endorsement of any kind. It is, however, meant to draw attention to the fact that even if we, as Christians, are completely disagreed with, we are still expected to have integrity.

Roland S. Martin at has this to say:

Evangelicals cursed and screamed when President Clinton had an affair in the White House, but it's clear they are willing to overlook the past marital failures of Giuliani, his fractured relationship with his children and his support for gay and abortion rights when mayor of New York. Those are not the family values they have beaten into the nation's consciousness for nearly 30 years.

This isn't the Rapture when Christians say Jesus will return to Earth, but it is the day of reckoning for conservative evangelicals. Will they abide by their faith and absolute opposition to abortion and homosexuality being first and foremost, or bend to the will of the party?

For years I have maintained that the focus of evangelicals was never really principles of the faith but the Republican Party. By aligning themselves with the GOP, they've put themselves in this position. And with 25 percent of the party's base being evangelicals, this is going to cause some serious problems.

This post isn't about liberal vs conservative or Republican vs Democrat political leanings of the church. Wherever we stand, we must have the integrity to stand by our convictions. Do our thoughts on a topic ever change? Yes. But when we are condemning of someone on the "other" side and then turn around and are loving, forgiving and accepting of someone on our side...we send the wrong message.

How much better to be loving toward all? To look for the best in everyone? To be loving, accepting, and forgiving no matter what the political background?

This stuff really just makes us look silly.

You will also want to read Randy's take on this too.

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  1. I almost fell off my chair when I read that (thank God for armrests). "Family Values" fly out the door if it means keeping Hillary out of office. Glad I'm an Independent.