November 26, 2007

A Church Plant in the Works

Almost two years ago my wife and I sensed God beginning to lead us elsewhere. The problem was we didn't know where He was leading. We both sensed it was time to finish where we were at and move on, but we never expected God to lead us back to our hometown.

It began with a simple e-mail and an unexpected invitation. I e-mailed Doug Roe and asked him a few questions about church planting. I heard him speak a few years previous and related well with his story. I also attended his church when visiting family for the holidays. I sent the e-mail not really expecting a response. What I got was an invitation to stay at his house for a weekend and spend some time with him. At the end of the weekend, Doug invited me to move back to Dayton and consider planting a church in the Northland area of Dayton, Ohio (Huber Heights, Vandalia, Northridge, etc).

It didn't take much prayer, as I already felt this was where God was leading. We quite our church, our jobs, and sold our home...and moved back to Dayton after being gone for about 13 years. It was an easy decision because I had felt the area needed a church from the time I was 18, but never believed I would be the one to plant it.

Now, we are in the beginning stages of pushing toward a church plant. I am beginning to formulate a plan and will be starting 8-10 small groups in that area in the next year. I am also beginning to pray for some strategic partnerships. We need people who are called to ministry and feel a passion for reaching the lost. We need a worship leader, children's minister, set-up director, small groups leader, hospitality director, executive pastor, small group leaders, etc.

I planted my first church as the only minister, and I don't want to do that again. I am praying for God to send the right people at the right time. I am praying, and I am asking for your prayers as well.


  1. Hi!

    My name is Dirk. I'm from Germany, Berlin and I make first steps in church-planting. It's a try.
    So I understand your wish for some co-workers. Not only some christians, but christians with a heart for a God-adventure!
    I send a prayer for you to Jesus.

  2. Dirk,

    Thanks for stopping by and taking for your prayers.


  3. Praise God. Seems we are in a similar boat.

  4. Keep us updated of your progress and your struggles (there will be some!). I'm headed toward church planting also, and am looking to learn from others through their experiences.

  5. Jeremy,

    Thanks for stopping by. You might be interested in some of the other stuff on my blog...I planted for 6 years in the Kansas City area. I have written a lot about that progress and struggle.


  6. Eric,
    God's word tells us not to despise the beginning of small things. It seems like yesterday and the Dayton Vineyard was very small. God's plan is to reach Dayton Ohio and the rest of the world through our feeble attempts to extend his kingdom. I am looking forward to what God is going to do through you. His plan is to help you and use you.

    Love you Doug Roe