October 24, 2007

Passe PowerPoint

Here is an interesting interview with Leith Anderson from ChristianityToday.com.

Once again the question of how the medium affects the message is brought up, but it also forces us to ask the question "Is PowerPoint dead?"

I, personally, think the answer is...somewhat. We will still use PowerPoint type programs to blast graphics, songs, and some sermon points onto a screen. But there is also the recognition that a point-by-point presentation of a sermon on the screen may be on the way out. I think it still has its place in certain settings, but there are often more effective ways of making a point.

Leith makes a good point about balancing the techno-savvy side with a simplistic, natural feel. We are looking at an entirely different approach to technology, the web, and sermonic interaction than most of our previous generations.


  1. Ryan from The Office might disagree with you. :)

    We never used PP to display song lyrics - we went right from the overhead projector to using a software called SundayPlus that was designed for churches. It allows you to skip a "slide" with the congregation knowing. I love it. It has soft transitions from one slide to the next and I can create a professional looking slide show to where it almost looks like a video to display scripture and photos while a vocal solo is performed. And it only takes me a few minutes to do it.

    Our pastor does use PP for his sermon... but he often skips stuffs and it takes you out of the moment when he does. PP does have it's place in a certain setting - what it was designed for: Business Presentations with a script.

    But that's about it, in my opinion.

  2. I have yet to find any "presentation" software that is really all that different experience-wise from PP. They have different functionality, but are essentially the same. You still have slides, transitions, and they put words and images on a screen.

    I think it all goes back to content integration. You have to have a good message, and communicate with not only a presentation software, but props, videos, whatever gets the message across.