September 18, 2007

What Do I Write About?

Have you ever been in a writing funk? Not necessarily writer's block as you might be able to actually write something if you just knew what direction to go and what to write about. I feel like I have been in that funk for the last few months.

I just found this website called Creative Writing Prompts.
Here are a few of the ideas:

1. Write a story about an empty glass.

2. Write about the biggest lie you have ever told.

3. Open a magazine and find pictures of 3-5 people. Write a 300-500 word profile of each person.

4. List 50 things you will never do.

5. Write a fictional news story about an adoption agency selling shaved apes as babies.

What are some of your favorite prompts?


  1. My prompts are quotes. I like writing about them. It's amazing how once you start writing the toghts keep flowing.
    See some examples at:

  2. Dex,

    Thanks for stopping by. Quotes are great sources of inspiration.