September 13, 2007

Terry Storch and MinistryCOM

Today was the first day of MinistryCOM. Terry Storch was the speaker for the first session.

His topic was The Communication Revolution, and he gave 5 Impact Points:

1. One way communication. Most churches are really good at one way communication. It is the belief that whoever has the microphone is the one in control. The problem is that everyone (via blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc) has a microphone.

2. Service Times. Service times indicate that during certain times you can hear the churches message. The person has to come when the church is doing its thing. Most people now want the information when they want it. They don't watch commercials, and they want to be able to download your messages when they want to listen to it.

3. Walls. So many churches take place inside a building, and they forget that we are called to go. They also neglect one of the easiest examples of going...the web! Terry gave his concept called the Omnipresent Church. This means the church is everywhere at all times

4. Physically "Out." We have to re-imagine outreach. Virtual relationships are turning into real relationships with blogger meet-ups.

5. The Power of 1. The church used to say, "Each one reach one." Now, one person can invite everyone...literally.

It was a good presentation. Here are some things I noticed:

It is Both/And. We need to utilize the best of the previous way as well as the be responsible with the current way.

His last slide could use some work. Terry presented information about the history of the world's population. He used a graph to represent the point that we are in a time of dramatic population increase. (See a similar chart below.) His slide was simply showing this image. I don't think the slide gave the information in a way that created the impact he wanted.

Maybe something like this (I did this quickly):

The rest of his slides caused me to rethink presentation.
It has always been a theory and practice of mine that graphic design and textual (or verbal) communication need to go hand in hand. The rest of Terry's slides presented the information in a way that supported the presentation.

Don't wait until it is too late, but don't jump too soon. There is a balance between being on the bleeding edge and resisting the change. We need to utilize the tools as they are available and use them before they are outdated. Unfortunately there are many churches who are just now getting a website (and many more that are awaiting the return of the telegraph!)

I finally picked up a copy of The Blogging Church. Terry co-authored this book. I might have waited even longer if Terry hadn't been autographing the book...I am a sucker for having books signed by the author.

I also sat in on a workshop about Multi-Culture Marketing by Tracey Lewis, Service Journalism by Jon Walker, and Project Management for Communications Professionals by Karen Smith of Ginhamsburg. The last session was presented by Brad Abare of

I will blog more about these sessions later.

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  1. Hey Eric, glad you enjoyed the presentation.

    I agree, the world chart I used was not the best, It was very difficult to read on the screens at the church, and was not very visually appealing. Good feedback.

    Enjoy the rest of the conference.