September 15, 2007

Amazing Artist

There were no notes to be given from this guy, but his are was amazing. He performed (?) during the last two sessions at MinistryCOM. It was amazing to see what he did with sand on a light board.


  1. I was amazed by him, too, and very moved.

    When I got home I tried to explain it to my husband, my daughter and her friend, but got blank looks. I think you have to be there to "get it."

    There is a video on youtube (not of the MinistryCOM performer) but it's not the same without the spiritual message.

  2. Hi, I'm Mark Bennardo. I was the Producer for MinistryCOM this year. The artist you're talking about is Mark Demel. Not only is he an "amazing artist" (as you so aptly put it), but he's also a great guy. So talented in so many ways. He's a fantastic writer, is a terrific actor and does any number of graphic art/design things (illustration, painting, cartooning--you name it). And all of them exceptionally well.

    If you want more information about him, check out

    Glad you enjoyed him.