August 14, 2007


In a few days I will be 20 miles out into the backwoods of the Appalachian foothills. I planned this backpacking trip about three months ago. About the end of June, however, I realize that no matter how much gear I had, I was not physically prepared to hit the trail. The hours spent in front of a computer does not qualify one to hike 30 miles over three days. So I started trying to get in shape.

It started out with several long hikes and walking ventures, but about the end of July I started running. It is easy to get too excited about something and start out too quickly. Hiking and walking was okay, but running was something totally different. I needed to take breaks and try not to do too much.

That is when I discovered the value of the rest day.

When working out or running, the rest day gives your body a break and allows it to rebuild the muscles you have been using and abusing. In a strange way, the rest day(s) is the most important day of your workout schedule. Without it, your muscles have no chance of growing. They get tired and wear out. Then you are no longer able to run as far or as long as you were before.

The same thing holds true with life. You absolutely cannot do without a day off and time away for vacation. God planned it that way. That is why he made the sabbath. He tells us that we all need some time off.

So next week, I will be taking some time off. Unfortunately, by the frequency of my posts, it looks like I have already taken some time off.

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