August 2, 2007


This past weekend our pastor challenged us to consider fasting something.

After much deliberation (of a few micro-seconds), I have decided to institute a lifelong fast from country music...

If for no other reason, than this


  1. what IS THAT??? country rap? OMG. That is horrible. I wish the train had won!

  2. To be honest, I don't know what you mean by "the train had won!" because I couldn't watch the whole thing. In fact, I couldn't watch much of it at all. It just served my point.

  3. Eric,
    Nice to know where you stand on CM: I have decided to fast for 40 days from flyfishing, and will not be able to cast a line until sometime in the second week of Sept., enabling to me to focus on more important things at this time in my life, like creating a better foundation between myself and His Son and being Creative With God.

  4. I do believe Cowboy Troy was sent by the devil himself.

    OK, well maybe not... but I'll bet a nickel Satan blasts that crap in Hell 24/7. :)

  5. What exactly was so offensive that it couldn't be turned to use for God. I thought that witnessing was about reaching people that don't know Christ. Doesn't that mean getting in the trenches with some things you may feel are not so Christ-like.

  6. I believe it could certainly be used for Christ. But it was a joke. Next time leave your name.