July 10, 2007

Up, Up, and Away

I always thought this would be fun...for someone else (because I don't like heights). I could just see some redneck pulling this off. I guess Jeff Foxworthy is right, You can always find a redneck somewhere.

It seems that Kent Couch, a local gas station owner, decided to strap a bunch of helium filled balloons to his lawn chair. His destination was Idaho!

He didn't make it to Idaho, though he did float 193 miles!

Even funnier is that he had a Chihuahua named Isabella. I would have strapped the dog to the underside of that chair and took her with me. Once I got up about 1,000 feet...well, nevermind.

When he landed, the wind caught the chair and took it and his video camera back into the air. He "hopes to get it back some day."

Check it out.

1 comment:

  1. Eric,
    Kent Couch may have decided to declare that the "kingdom of heaven is near" last Saturday whence he went aloft and fulfilled a dream. I for one think his adventure was quite unique, in that he was inventive enough to have a ballist control system so he could adjust his heigth and a back-up escape procedure in case things , just didn't go as planned. Looks like fun to me; I have sky dived once, have flown a glider once and like the unusual creative experience that is derived from creativity by the hand of God, of which Kent Couch has on his side also, I'll just bet.