June 20, 2007


Do you remember this picture where the old woman and the young woman are combined in the same image?

If you were told it is a young woman, you will see a young woman. If you were told it is an old woman, you will see an old woman. It will take some time (and possibly a lot of brain strain) to see it from the other perspective.

God has been dealing with my perspective of things. There are certain things I feel need or should take place, but they aren't. I complain to God about my current situation, because I can't seem to gain his perspective.

In fact, it has not been a matter of my inability to gain His perspective. Rather it has been my unwillingness to see things from His perspective.

Philip Yancy says the most important part of learning to pray is learning to align ourselves with God's perspective. It is a matter of seeing how everything fits into the grand scheme of what God is doing. What may seem like a major catastrophe could have implications for my growth and God's Kingdom that I just cannot see.

God is currently changing my perspective on some major things. In what areas do you need your perspective changed? How is God dealing with you lately?

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