June 20, 2007

Only the Kingdom of God can Change the World

Christians must be active politically. Christians living in the United States have a responsibility to be involved in electing people to lead our country because we are part of a democracy. Our system gives us a voice and we should use that voice.

We have a responsibility to be involved in politics, but we should never...
...think that God is not in control of who is leading our nation (Check out these verse). He is ultimately in control of who is leading.

...Nor should we think that the political world will save us or the people around us.

I stumbled upon this article. It is written by an atheist, but catch these last two paragraphs:

"In short, despite all their political successes they have failed to acquire the power necessary to change American culture. It hasn’t occurred to them yet that they won’t be able to achieve their goals simply by acquiring political power in a democracy like America. If they could acquire undemocratic power, like through a dictatorial takeover, they could, but not in a pluralistic and diverse society governed by a democracy.

Thus, unless the Christian Right intends some sort of takeover, they have been wasting the resources all these years. They should have been investing time, money, and effort into changing people and setting a better example that people would want to follow. Instead, they dove into politics and, in the process, demonstrated that they weren’t any better than any other interest group out there."
I especially found that last sentence telling. Politics will not change people, only God's Kingdom can make a difference. We are called to live out a transformed life in front of other people and help them experience the transforming power of God for themselves. The writer of the article gets it, now we just need more Christians to get it.

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