June 15, 2007


I could easily have called this post stick-to-it-ness, but that seemed a little long. Today my daughter, Brianna, and I spent the day together. We went out to breakfast, to the store, and then to the park. I seem to learn a ton of things just by watching her.

Every time she goes to the park, she wants to try the monkey bars. You know the ones that you have to swing from bar to bar, hand-over-hand, to get to the other side. She can go along the side rail just fine, but she hasn't mastered the swinging part yet.

Today I watched as she attempted again and again and again to make it across. She would try one approach to getting across, and then another approach until things started to work. Then she would push herself to go that one bar farther. She would take a short break, walk across the balance beam, and then try again.

After easily 30 tries and one attempt that got her across 6 bars, she said, "My arms were hurting, but I wanted to get across."

I admire her determination and willingness to fight through the temporal pain in order to achieve what she wanted to achieve. She didn't make it all the way across, but she certainly proved her determination to me.

Think this has any application to leadership and church planting?

What is the greatest lesson you have every learned from a child?

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  1. Asking a lot of questions is a good thing. It would keep us out of all sorts of trouble if we weren't afraid of looking stupid.