May 22, 2007

Walk A Mile In a Leader's Shoes

Michael McKinney at Leading Blog has a thought provoking post.

In it he quotes Noah Webster the President of the US on the show 24.

Noah Webster says, "You know Tom, it’s easy to think you’ve got all the answers when none of the ultimate responsibility lies with you. But sittin’ in this chair.… Until you sit in this chair, you don’t know anything."

He also points to one of his earlier posts. Where James Reston, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, is quoted as saying,
"One of the blind spots of reporters is that after a while we are inclined to forget that officials are people. Preoccupied with issues, we come to regard them as liberals or conservatives, honest or crooked, but seldom as ordinary folk who have wives and children and cry when they’re hurt. Sally was always saving me from this folly. She knew a lot of these official families and knew also when their kids were sick or flunking out of school or fiddling with drugs. Thus when some political luminary seemed to be in a slump, talking more nonsense than usual, she would say maybe he was worrying about the family, or, as I was inclined to believe, about his own wandering and wayward habits. Still it was useful to be reminded that these headline characters have things to worry about other than the national debt—their own debts, for example."
What do you think? How often does this cross your mind when you are talking about a leader or boss? How should this change the way you talk about the current or future President or Presidential Nominee?

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