May 31, 2007


Ok, so I have been tagged. I won't bother tagging other people, but I will say that I was tagged by Stephanie. I don't know her personally, except by reading her blog and the e-interaction. It is amazing to me how two people, so far apart, can get a glimpse into each other's life.


I am supposed to tell you 8 uninteresting facts about myself based on the following:

Food: If I can eat it before it eats me, I am usually willing to give it a try. Although, I don't do Fear Factor.

Family: I have a wife and daughter.

Exercise: I like hiking alot. I just don't exercise regularly...and I know I need to.

Obsession: Reading and writing. I like theology, church planting, history, science, whatever. I like to read whatever I can get my hands on, and then assimilate it and write.

Profession: I am a Communications Coordinator and a freelance writer. I am also preparing to plant a new church in the Huber Heights area of Dayton, Ohio

Faith: Jesus Christ!

Ailments: My feet and ankles. I slammed my foot into a tool box over a year ago, and it still hurts sometimes.

Games: I am very competitive; too competitive. I have a hard time "just" playing. I want to win. Anyone who says "winning isn't everything" is losing!

So, now you respond. Feel free to respond in the comments. I know, this probably isn't the way this tagging thing is supposed to work, but I have never been one to play by all the rules.


  1. If you know that you really should exercise but don't have any enthusiasm to accomplish this need, then it sounds like you might need a support system; since you are of a christian/ church nature then if you have a small group, you might ask them if it would be alright that sometimes during the bible study that the group goes out and walks off the ccokies and chips we just ate and get some cardiovascular exercise, something that we all could use.
    Just a kind thought from RAD.

  2. RAD,

    You have been commenting here for awhile now. Why don't you go ahead and introduce the real you? Just e-mail me at the link above.

  3. Food: I'll pretty much try anything once except for brain, kidneys, and livers.

    Family: Hubby, cat, parents, sister, niece and in-laws. There are also aunts, uncles and cousins.

    Exercise: Yoga and walking

    Obsession: Reading, cooking, and chocolate.

    Profession: Freelance writer and ordained minister. You'll be interested to know that I am praying about planting churches in Chicago. Actually in the city where I live and not way out in the burbs. :)

    Faith: Christian with a healthy amount of irreverence thrown in for fun.

    Ailments: Back, scoliosis

    Games: Do crossword puzzles count? I do those everyday.