May 24, 2007

Message Tainted by the Messenger

No, this is not a post about a pastor with a moral failure. It is about a new magazine call Deliver.

This magazine for "marketing professionals" is sharp! It has great graphics, informative articles, and the stated purpose to: "offer case studies, news features, opinions and white papers that present relevant messages to our users [marketers] about how best to influence the consumers they court."


Does ownership of the magazine affect the information they present?

Take these quotes from this article:

"In a recent study by the University of Georgia, consumers ranked e-mail spam as intrusive and annoying, rating it a 2.46 on a scale where one was worst and seven was best. Comparatively, unsolicited direct mail received a 3.87 ranking."

"Now we’re not saying that there’s never a reason to employ an e-mail marketing campaign. But the problem you face when you choose to drop your marketing into someone’s inbox is that you’re tainted by association. Sure, your message is legit, but you’re putting it into a channel where you run the risk of being screened out and ignored."

They give the obligatory acceptance that direct mail CAN receive a similar association, but it receives a more favorable acceptance.

Now here is the secret...this magazine is put out by the US Postal Service. Do you think there is an agenda at work?

I wonder how many of a churches ministries are viewed in the same way. The church is feeding, caring, loving...whatever...simply because they want to convert me?

I think it is imperative for us in the church to ACTUALLY love people. People are almost literally dying to be loved and cared for. They want to be heard. And they don't want to be seen as a means to a larger church or as a potential convert.

Imagine what could happen in our communities if we actually loved the people around us.

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