May 21, 2007

Just Because I Disagree With You

1. Does not mean that I think you are any less a Christian.

2. Does not mean that I believe my way is the only way.

3. Does not mean that I have to insult you or the way you do things.

4. Does not mean that I can't find something of value in what you do or say.

5. Does not mean we have to "break fellowship" or whatever Christianese we use to say we are going separate ways. We can agree to disagree and work together.

6. Just because I have a critique of what you are doing that disagrees with yours does not mean I disregard everything you are doing or that I don't believe God is using you.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. AMEN! I keep using the term, "agree to disagree" but it hurts me so bad that so often, it's "act and believe the way we do or say you should" ... or you have to hit the highway.

    Why can't we just learn to go seperate ways and bless one another and still allow open lines of communication? Why does it have to be like that? I keep hearing "loyalty" and "family"... like leaving is some kind of personal rejection or betrayal. Why can't it just be time for a new road? Why can't we still love each other and respect each other and want to work together? This truly breaks my heart.

    I love this.. "the mess in the messenger does not negate the message"... which to me means, just because in your eyes (or my eyes) you don't have it all together, or I don't, doesn't mean God can't do something incredible through us. That would be boxing God in. Just because I'm not perfect, or I see something in you that I don't agree with, doesn't mean God isn't a part of your life, or speaks through you.

    Thanks for bringing this up Eric, it's been on my heart for a long time.

  2. Sometimes, however, we do have to go our separate ways. We agree to disagree in different places. I am reading a biography of Francis Asbury. He and Thomas Rankin could not get along. It took Rankin returning to England in order for there to be peace.

  3. Just because I disagree with you

    ...does not mean I don't appreciate you and your views.

    ...does not mean I think I am better than you.

    ...does not mean I think you are unintelligent.

    Excellent post, Eric.

    (I think you meant to type "critique" instead of "critic" on #6)

    Am I the only one who has to type in the word verification letters twice each time I try to comment on your blog. It's weird.

  4. Stephanie,

    Thanks for the editorial correction (I hate when I do that!) and for the additional points. You are right.

    I sometimes have to do the double thing if I take too long to post the comment, and sometimes I just have to do the word verification twice for no real reason. It is not just you.

  5. I know you hate it... so that's why I pointed it out to you. :)

    Thanks again for your great post.