May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead at 73

Jerry Falwell was found dead in his office.

I am not a fan of the man or his self-appointed position as spokesman for conservative Christians. He has made some very controversial statements that have been applied to all who consider themselves Christians.

But, I certainly mourn the loss to his family and friends. He has accomplished some great things in his life. Founding a church that has grown 24,000 members and starting Liberty University.


  1. Thanks for making sure to point out your personal opinion of the man so that you could 'save face' before you try to do the 'Christian' thing and mourn with the other 'Christians'! Pretty Typical!

  2. How nice of you to...uh...stop by. Considering it is my blog, I am entitled to give my personal opinion. I was not "saving face." I have no need to save face for anyone.

    I do admire his leadership. I have not doubt he was a godly man. I believe that he stood up for what he thought was right.

    He was your pastor. So, I can understand your loss and the loss to his congregation.

    Again, thanks for stopping by.