May 27, 2007


It seems an 11 year-old Alabama boy shot and killed a 9+ foot wild board that weighs over 1,ooo pounds!

The kid looks absolutely dwarfed by this thing. It is so large that many are saying this is a fake.

Who know?

But that is going to be a lot of sausage!

The kid used as Smith and Wesson Model 500 handgun to bring the beast down. Besides wanting to know where they grow hogs this big, I want to know how an 11 year-old can afford a gun that costs about $1,500. His dad set up a website to honor the achievement.


  1. I think the harvesting of that wild boar on that Georegia hunting plantation is just remarkable, to think that, that animal has had all of its time to get remarkably large and wasn't killed any sooner is what makes being a sportman so exciting; unlike fishing with catch and release, this process doesn't occurr with hunting, and thank you Lord for not creating "catch and release" hunting, because then we might have some real monsters on the loose! RAD

  2. Just to preface the following comment, I am pro-hunting as long as it is for food and not just to kill something.

    I think that once a year, to earn the right to hunt, the hunter ought to have to stay in a pen with rutting deer after being soaked with doe scent. That way the deer have a chance to hunt too.