May 26, 2007


Matthew Stibbe pointed out this article about what fonts a few writers like to use. Here is the article.

As a writer, I am a geek when it comes to fonts, grammar, and word 0rigin stuff.

So what font do you like to use for your writing and why?

Extra credit for someone who can tell me what the word is for adjusting the spacing between fonts.


  1. Kerning.

    I'm not super picky about fonts but use Veranda most of the time. It's simple, non-serif, and easy to read.

  2. Did you know that or did you have to look it up? There is another word too. :)

  3. no I knew that because i have to adjust it in photoshop all the I DID work for a publishing house a long long time ago... :) there is also leading (which comes from the old days of when they actually put lead in between the letters to space them) and tracking... depending upon the direction you are going... :) you can adjust all of it in indesign (which is fast becoming my new friend).

    So what's my bonus round? LOL

  4. isn't that Verdana? I use Georgia, I find it easier to read. I knew kerning too, I use it in Corel. Indesign is my new curse. How the heck do you kern in that program?

  5. Yeah, Ronni wrote "veranda" rather than Verdana...she likes writing her fonts on a small covered porch :)