April 17, 2007

My Posting

Things have been crazy for too long now. I have changed my job responsibilities. I am buying a house. Easter was crazy around here (we had more than 4,000 attend during our Easter services). And, I have just not been feeling well.

I realized how little I have posted over the past month. I have thought about posting, but every time I start to write I get a block. Or, I just chuck the whole idea because it doesn't seem to develop or seem all that important (of course some could argue that there is little on this blog that is important).

In the midst of this whole thing, I realize that one of the biggest problems has been the ability to rest. I need time to get away and have NOTHING to do. I need time to myself, and I need to be free from the stress of something that is left unfinished. I need time for mind to drift into other things.

Writing is one of the areas where I am hit first. I write all the time. I love to write. I journal almost everyday. I blog regularly. I am a communications coordinator so I write on my job. I edit other people's writing. I freelance. I love to write, but when I am stressed or have too much to do...it is my writing that suffers.

One day it got so bad that I felt like there was a fuzzy cloud between my brain and my eyes. Ever felt like that?

So here is what I do:

1. Take a nap. I have to watch this, though, because if you nap too much then you won't get to sleep at night. If you don't sleep at night things seem to get worse.

2. Take a day away. Get out of contact with people. Go be alone and do something you enjoy.

3. Give myself permission to procrastinate. Again, be careful as this can cause more problems than it solves.

4. Blast some rebel scum. I never knew that Playstation 2 could be so therapeutic!

What do you do to help you relax? Distract you? Help you come back to a place where you can handle your world?


  1. Blogging, reading, and anything creative allows me to relax, and strangely enough yard work. I used to hate doing yard work when I was a kid, but there seems to be something theraputic about it now.

  2. Reading a novel, watching my favorite movies, and taking long hot baths are my things. Oh and watching Frazier--he's always listening. :)