April 3, 2007

It Is In Here Somewhere...

My friend Jeff entered the blogging world a few months ago. Jeff and I worked together in my previous life and I consider him a great friend (no matter what he says about me). He wasn't sure he was going to hang with the whole blogging thing so I waited before saying anything. (He still needs to post more often!)


The time has come to send you his way. He has a great post you have to check out.

Here is a bit of what you will find:

The Bible is not an answer book... nor is it some kind of pseudo-god to be worshipped... it is a witness of the One True God to be explored... It is a living, Yahweh-ordained instrument that has the power to miraculously breathe life into our deadness. It doesn't merely provide (personal) answers to life... it does far more than that! It informs us of our hopeless state as a fallen creation. it invites us (corporately and personally) to repent of our sin... to accept the redemptive work of Yahweh, to relate to His Son, the Savior... to fully enter the Christ-life... to submit ourselves to the One who created us and desires to re-form our character, allow the Person of the Holy Spirit to fill us with His grace, and transform us into people of self-emptying, Christlike love.

I like the post. For other thoughts in a similar vein see here and here.

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  1. So Jeffry has joined our ranks? I'll have to go say hi.