April 18, 2007

I Got Tagged

Tony at Church Plant My Eye just tagged me. He and I are such good friends. We are such good friends that he called me the wrong name (it is changed now)! But I am not bitter. We met online when he was bashing Ohio State before the OSU vs. Texas game. We made a friendly wager, and and I generously donated my winnings to his church. I wouldn't call it a BET since pastors aren't supposed to do that kind of thing. We will just call it...Oh, call it whatever you want.

Anyways...the tag is to where I hang out online. Here are my favorites:

Google Since creating my personalized homepage, I haven't had to go anywhere else really! I have everything fed to my page and keep track of it from there. Be sure to check out Gmail, Notebook, RSS Reader, and Analytics.

Gimp Brushes. I discovered Gimp, an open source product similar to Photoshop, awhile back. I like it. Add on a few of the Gimp brushes and you have a graphic design tool that is fun to play with.

Online Education. I discovered this resource where you can listen to a vast number of college courses for free online. Berkeley leads the way.

Morguefile. Simply awesome for most picture needs.

I also like Pandora and Musicovery.

I am going to tag: Eric Hilliard, a church planter and friend from Michigan, and Steve Bowen, the Evangelism Guru at the Dayton Vineyard.


  1. Thanks Frank for doing this. I mean, anyone who knows you like I do is bound to appreciate you. Listen John, if you need anything, please let me know. After all Carl, we are on the same team, we serve the same God. Ok. Later Zack.

    Your bud, Luigi.

  2. I got tagged in the same post, but he got my name right. What's really funny though is how you first connected with Tony is so similar to how I first came across him.

    We met online when he was bashing Macs on his blog and I had to come to their defense. Is this Tony's normal way of making friends?

  3. He seems like the guy who is throwing rocks at people just to get their attention!