April 4, 2007

Get a Life!

Have you heard of Second Life? Second Life is a 3D online universe. Basically an online SIM community where the participants are represented by 3D "people" that can look very similar to the participant. For more information check out Wikipedia.

Business and churches are now getting in on the action. Lifechurch has created their own Second Life Campus. USA Today has even done an article on how different religions are getting in on Second Life. Read about it here.

We could debate whether or not the Internet is a viable "community" expression for Christians. We could debate whether or not it is ACTUAL community or ACTUAL communication. But the reality is that millions are using online communities. Many people are not replacing face-to-face interaction, but they are supplementing it with online communities.

We use web pages, blogs, e-newsletters, etc. What about the church using Second Life? Any thoughts?

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