March 12, 2007

What Would You Say?

Over at, there is an interesting discussion. He opened up the comments section for Pastors and church attenders to anonymously air their "complaints" or "observations" about each other. He challenged them to be open, honest, frank, but not brutal.

I thought it was a good idea, so I am going to steal it!

If you are a pastor, what would you like to say to your attenders that you have not been able to tell them or haven't had the courage to tell them?

If you are a church attender, what would you like your pastor to know that you haven't told him/her?

Play nicely, but feel free to be anonymous. Also, feel free to play along on Bob's site as well. The comments are worth reading.

1 comment:

  1. Okay I'm going to vent two things.

    1. Please do not call me at 3am for prayer. Yes, I am there for you, and I love you, and I will pray for you, but unless it is an emergency (they are at the hospital, they just died, they are in crisis), email me. I do check my email, you know that. I need sleep too!

    2. Just because I may have spoken into your life, this does not mean I am your personal Holy Spirit, or your direct line to God. I want you to learn to hear Him for yourself. Please do not come to me with every issue in your life or every time you want a word from God. Learn to listen for yourself! PLEASE!

    *whew* I feel better now. LOL