March 5, 2007

Not Sure What to Do With This

I found this article, and thought it interesting. Check it out here.

It seems a local strip club did a concert-fundraiser to help a local church move its music venue to another location. The club hoped to raise $20,000 to give to the church. The church is being evicted because of complaints about loud music.

I wonder...would a church do a fundraiser to help a strip club move to a new location because it was being evicted?

Probably not.


  1. As I said in a seperate email: As a pastor, I'm really not sure my church should accept money from (the institution of) a strip club. The way it is raised, through the exploitation of women, is simply not aligned with the gospel of Christ. I wonder if God would bless that, or if the enemy would have an opportunity to sow greed and division within the community. I once read of a church in Vegas where someone put a ton of money in the offering plate, and when they decided to accept it, the church was so divided on how to spend it, the church ended up splitting. It seems stripper money could potentially do the same thing... especially a large amount like what is described.

  2. Sorry I didn't respond to the e-mail yet.

    The article says that the Strip Club is raising the money by holding a benefit concert in their parking lot. The Club owner is organizing and hosting it. I don't think they are raising the funds by stripping for them.

    It certainly makes this pastor a friend of a "notorious sinner." Imagine what door might be opened if the pastor were to really befriend this man; if the church decided to care for these women. The pastor would certainly have to pastor his church through it, but it could have an amazing impact for the Kingdom.