March 16, 2007


Things have been VERY hectic lately. I have taken on new responsibilities at work, we are beginning to look for a house, I have several freelance deadlines looming, and we still need to do our taxes. When things get hectic and pressured, I have the tendency to take things on my own shoulders and neglect Matthew 6:24-34.

When I am I am stress or feel pressured, I get the job done, but I complain. I am a complainer and a critic. I think this is more noticeable because I am a verbal processor (I process things as I say them...not usually the best for those around me). Eventually things settle down, and I gain better perspective.

I think this worry reveals a deeper problem...I don't trust God to handle things. That is the problem with worry; we take the pressure on ourselves as though the results depend solely on us. We worry, and never realize that our worry accomplishes NOTHING!

If we could learn to trust God more and depend on Him for the outcome, worry becomes something of the past. We have to do our part, but the results are really not up to us. We have to trust that He will provide the outcome. We have to trust that our best efforts will be enough, and that God will do the rest.

Worry means that I am taking responsibility that is not mine. We cannot use this as an excuse to give anything less than our best, but neither can we take credit or pressure for something that is not ours.

On a side note: Our church just released a live CD from our WOW! Service. Check out a few of the songs here.


  1. God is who He says He is.

    It's okay... I feel ya... and um... tucking that info for future reference... *G*

  2. I think you need to go fishing.